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Dry assembly and dry construction works are our main business activities. In cooperation with our partners, we also execute other artisan and construction works always respecting the principles of sustainable development.

Our services

Partition walls

  • Quick construction – in comparison to classic walls, there are almost no technological halts in construction, they can be immediately built to full height, walls do not need to be mortised, rendered and plastered, construct horizontal and vertical ring beams etc.
  • Increased precision – special laser devices are used for placing of the construction during the process, i.e. the assembly, which achieve almost perfect vertical and horizontal orientation of the walls.
  • Smooth and straight surfaces – gypsum boards used for wall assembly are smooth and straight. After the trowel finishing of the wall, final works can be carried out the very next day, regardless of whether this includes painting, tiling, wallpapering or placing of any other wall lining.
  • Quick placement – installation – routing installations through gypsum board walls is exceptionally quick and simple and there is no need for mortising since the installations are routed during the wall’s assembly through the interspaces between two linings. Subsequent routing of installations is greatly facilitated since the wall is only partially opened and its repair is much quicker and simpler.
  • Possibility of creation of various details, shapes, decorative elements, curved walls in both horizontal and vertical direction.

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Suspended ceilings

  • They are carried out with standard, waterproof and fireproof boards.
  • They are installed beneath existing roof or floor structures with dropping height ranging from 3 cm up to an unlimited value.
  • Ceilings are usually dropped to hide installations and to install lighting and create special light effects in spaces.
  • Types and performances are numerous : gypsum boards ceilings, metal modular, mineral or wooden ceilings with various purposes – aesthetical aspect of interior design, for heating/cooling, as prevention against fire, radiation and noise.

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Dry screed

  • Dry screed is a flooring system made of gypsum fiberboards specially fabricated for that purpose. It is assembled by laying boards on the surface which is composed
    of small granules.
  • The advantages of these floors are: quick assembling, no drying process, high level of compressive strength and bearing capacity, low weight.
  • Dry screed floors are moist proof, waterproof and fire-resistant up to 120 minutes what can be used as floor structure fire protection.
  • Increased system strength – no ruptures or expensive repair work on cracks with epoxy resins.
  • More accurate fabrication – panels are level, there are no “peaks and troughs” on the surface of the glazing and therefore no need for sanding or levelling.
  • Smooth surface – unlike with classic glazing, the surface is smooth and does not need to be levelled by floor levelling compounds prior to the gluing of the thin floor linings.
  • Simple fitting of the installations underneath the floor surface.
  • Healthier microclimate for human habitation – natural regulation of humidity in the air, without releasing any odours, unlike cement-based materials

Our services

Raised floors

Raised floorings are modular floors assembled by placing panels on metal legs. Due to the great variability in the leg height, the necessary flooring and structure height can be achieved with modular panels which can be subsequently opened. They represent a sort of a revolution in the flooring construction. Such systems enable the routing of a large number of services underneath the floor, as well as subsequent modifications on said services. Due to these features, they are especially suitable for office spaces with many desks and electrical and networking installations, since all installations must be routed to each workplace underneath the floor surface. Due to this, they are commonly known as raised access computer floors. If such floor is combined with some sort of modular finish lining (e.g. carpet in panels), all subsequent modifications to the installations, which are made when offices are rearranged, require only minimal investments to route all the necessary services to the desired location.

Our services

Smoothing and painting works

  • Smoothing is done in cases of wall unevenness and damages from 3 to 30 millimeters, while in cases of bigger recesses and when covering installation conduits, the wall is covered with plaster and gypsum.
  • Smoothing is necessary if the surface is not sufficiently flat and/or cracked and as such unappropriated for paint application, for some other decorative wall techniques or for tiling.
  • Smoothing is also carried out on gypsum-cardboard ceilings and walls with different quality levels, e.g. Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4.
  • The painting works also include painting of walls and ceilings, decorative elements such as borders and alike.
  • Various painting coatings are also used for protection against fire, moisture and spreading of bacteria.

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